Tyndall Curling Club

Turning Neighbours into Friends

Juniors - Ages 12 and up

Participants will be placed in appropriate league based on skill level


Little Rocks - Ages 6 to 11

Participants will be placed in appropriate league based on skill level


Every Thursday from 4:00 to 5:00 o’clock
  • All curlers must have clean indoor shoes in order to go out on to the ice surface.
  • Brooms and sliders are available.
  • Please remember to return all brooms to the bin and sliders to the box after each session; they are not to be removed from the club. 


  • To learn to slide to deliver the rock using the correct turn.
  • To learn to sweep and keep up to a rock that is delivered by a teammate. 
  • To learn the rules and etiquette of the game of curling. 
  • To learn to have good sportsmanship.
  • Do your best and have fun.

The junior curlers will play two or three ends of curling after their practice session.

Teams will be changed around every week to allow curlers to play different positions.

We will provide information further into the season.


Thursday Delay to start

Thursday November 9

Thursday November 16

Thursday November 23

Thursday November 30

Thursday December 14 - There will be some Christmas treats after this game to celebrate the season. 

Christmas break

Curling will resume Thursday January 11,2018

Thursday January 18

Thursday January 25

Thursday February 1

Thursday February 8

Thursday February 15

Thursday February 22

Thursday March 1

Thursday March 8            Last day,  We will only be on the ice for half of the time.  Then we will hand out awards and have snacks.